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Now is the Time To Update Google Analytics to GA4 – Google Sets Drop Dead Date for GA Universal

Last year, we shared the news that Google was rolling out an update to its analytics platform – GA4. Now, the time has come for site owners to update their Google Universal Analytics account to GA4 or miss out on important website data.

It’s a deadline that site owners should pay attention to as the search engine giant is now ready to discontinue use of the existing Google Analytics platform in July 2023. There is also a learning ramp and the sooner you begin transitioning to GA4, the better.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Is GA4?

According to Google, GA4 is a new kind of Property, one which will capture data and utilize artificial intelligence to analyze it. It does not rely as heavily on cookies as the older Universal platform and uses an event-based model for measurement. It also doesn’t store IP addresses, a move that will help the platform’s users comply with stricter privacy regulations across the board.

The new platform, like the old one, is available through a Google sign in account and is offered by the company at no charge.

Why Move to GA4?

If measuring your website’s performance is important to your business then it’s important to utilize the latest Google tools. Next July, Google will sunset the classic Universal Analytics edition, and you will lose all that data you’ve worked so hard to capture.

The new GA4 platform promises to integrate better with Google’s online advertising platforms, which will enhance data capture and utilization for its money-making venture: ads. Remember that Google is a business. While it is a powerful and useful search engine used by millions of people worldwide every day, in the end, it is a company seeking to maximize profits.

To do so, it needs to integrate plenty of data into its advertising platform to ensure that advertisers receive the best results they can from their ads. And, to do that, they need more data…which GA4 will help them capture in ways that are compliant with many privacy laws.

There is also a learning curve for GA4, as with many complex software programs, so the sooner you make the switch the more time you have to run both programs in parallel.

How to Move to Google Analytics 4

If the thought of updating Google Analytics causes angst, call Dashboard Interactive Marketing and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. We have the team and the know-how to transition your analytics from the older platform being sunsetted to the new GA4 platform without a hitch.

You have until July 1, 2023, to make the move, but we recommend taking action now to ensure that any wrinkles on Google’s end can be ironed out in plenty of time to ensure your data is clean and ready to use.

The new platform may be accessed through the Editor function on your current Google Analytics account.

Search Is Changing

Search engine marketing is constantly changing, and Google’s move to GA4 is just another reflection of shifting demographics, internet use and search patterns.

The older version of Google Analytics was created at a time when most searchers used desktop computers to find information. Now, with so many users grabbing a mobile device to find everything from pizza to plumbers, it makes sense that new metrics should be tracked and older ones set aside.

Although shifting from the current Analytics platform to GA4 is about as welcome as a trip to the dentist, it’s also equally as necessary for your website (and business’) overall health and wellness. Be sure to take action now, either by calling Dashboard Interactive Marketing at 763-242-2454 or reading up on the transition to avoid losing data.