Mobile First Website Design and Development

We build mobile first, Google-friendly WordPress websites that work. They’re beautiful, functional, and they get results. Our website design and development services focus on building an effective site that generates leads, sales, and profits for your business.

There are significant differences in website designers and developers, and the levels of expertise that they possess. These differences can determine how well your website performs on Google, whether or not potential new customers engage with your business once they arrive at your site, and much, much more. We’ve seen a lot over the years and very few website designers and developers have the skill needed to work on Dashboard Interactive projects.

Why Choose Us to Build Your Website?

  • We design mobile first websites with search engines and users in mind from the start to improve site rankings, visibility, and visitors.
  • Our mobile first websites are designed to work well on a variety of screen sizes, including mobile devices, laptops, desktops and tablets.
  • We utilize open source platforms such as WordPress, so you’re not held hostage to one vendor.
  • Dashboard Interactive offers affordable sites for small and medium-sized business clients that can be scaled up as your business grows.
  • Our digital marketing experts provide monthly analysis of your website statistics to determine the site’s ROI, areas for improvement, and areas of success.
  • Our team of expert internet marketing professionals support your website’s marketing initiatives and are chosen for their history of demonstrated success in their unique areas of specialty.
  • We provide comprehensive website copywriting services including SEO copywriting, that welcome visitors and tell your unique product and brand story in a way that’s both conversational and sales-focused.
  • We create beautiful designs where form follows function, always keeping the site visitor’s experience and needs in mind.

Website Updates, Maintenance and More

Maybe you don’t need a brand-new website. Maybe your site just needs a fresh coat of paint. A touch-up. A tweak here and there. We do that, too.

We have experience working across a wide variety of website hosting platforms and software and can help you pinpoint areas for improvement in your current site.

Let’s talk about your website. Contact us now at 763-242-2454.