Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website or other digital property that “convert” into new customers or take any desired action on a webpage or other digital property.

It’s making more from what you already have in place by the application of deep dive analytics and scientific direct response marketing testing. Once the results achieve statistical significance, they can then be rolled out sitewide or property wide, using the findings to constantly drive higher sales from the same volume of site traffic.

An experienced conversion rate optimization service provider can help your eCommerce or Lead Generation website, Amazon store or other digital properties generate higher conversion rates, resulting in increased sales and revenue for your business. Today, businesses must be able to do more with the same or fewer resources and partnering with an experienced CRO provider should pay for itself many times over.

Higher Sales with Conversation Rate Optimization Services

Many companies focus on acquisition tactics, seeking to increase the number of site visitors in the hopes of increasing their sales through the volume of visitors. That’s a good thing and works, up to a point, but may not be very efficient. Every audience reaches its limit over time. What then?

Acquisition tactics can be expensive and/or take a significant amount of time. But with CRO, you’re maximizing the money spent on acquisition to increase revenue per site visitor. And when you drive qualified traffic and do a better job of converting visitors to new customers, your business becomes significantly more profitable.

What Benefits do Conversion Rate Optimization Services provide?

Professional conversion rate optimization services are:

  1. Profitable – optimization uses all of the web resources you already have for better results. You’ll get more from your marketing acquisition budget.
  2. Scalable – depending on the products or services you offer; you may find it increasingly difficult to find new audiences for your marketing efforts. Conversion rate optimization relies on better use of existing resources rather than seeking new audiences for acquisition marketing.
  3. Scientific – numerous tools are employed to make the most of every bit of data that your site collects. From marketing0based analytics to heat mapping and more, it’s the scientific analysis and application of data that ensures replicable success.
  4. Measurable – every aspect of CRO uses statistical analysis and measurement to justify the right action to take. Instead of guesswork, you’re using data to drive decisions.
  5. Detailed – CRO helps you understand not just how many customers take action but offer better insight into their wants, needs as well as vital demographics. Future marketing efforts can be better targeted thanks to enhanced customer insights.

With conversion rate optimization, the focus shifts from acquisition to conversion and then retention. The emphasis is on achieving better results from the traffic that you have now. CRO lowers acquisition costs while improving profitability.

Three Examples of How CRO Improves Sales

Example #1
Sock Retailers Tweaks Product Layout – Sales Increase 17%

This sock retailer utilized CRO on their product page to analyze and test two product layouts. Layout A featured two large products in the upper left and lower right corner of the sales page (to spotlight best-selling socks) with the remaining socks presented in a streamlined grid pattern. Layout B featured all products the same size in a grid pattern. By analyzing traffic patterns and testing the layouts, the sock retailer came to the startling discovering that the plain grid pattern in Layout B sold more socks – 20% more socks, in fact.

Although the design team thought that highlighting a few products on the sales page might help them sell more, the data did not support this design choice. Data indicated that a plain, tried and true approach to presenting the products worked the best. Given this fact, the sock company could roll out the grid pattern display across all product categories with confidence that it produces the higher conversion rate.

One simple design tweak, informed by data and testing, yielded 20% more sales from the same number of customers visiting the e-commerce page.

Example #2
Business Services Company Leverages CRO – Increases Conversion by 1,000%

A good lead generation landing page makes it easy for someone to say “yes” and request more information, schedule a call or a demonstration, or sign up for an email list. A business service company sought to generate leads from a landing page they set up on their website. The page generated plenty of traffic, but very few leads.

Studying the analytics and heat map data, the company discovered that visitors viewed the page but left after they reached a certain place in the copy. They realized that they had put too many links and calls to action on the landing page which confused visitors. Instead of filling in the information form, users abandoned the form because they didn’t know what to do: fill in the form, read additional articles, or watch a video linked to the landing page.

The company began removing elements on the page. After each element was removed, they reviewed the data to find out just how pared down the page should be to make it easy for visitors to respond. They discovered thanks to conversion rate optimization that asking users to do just one thing – complete the lead form – generated the highest conversion rate.

Before conversion rate optimization, the company had about a 1% conversion rate from their landing page traffic. After testing and refining the page, their lead to conversion rate jumped to over 10%.

Example #3
Too Many Options Suppresses Sales

A children’s video company felt that their products weren’t selling as well as they could. Although they knew that the product category page was one of their website’s most visited pages, they didn’t understand why many of the site visitors left the page without buying products.

First, they tested a control product category page against one in which the design was greatly simplified. The test page removed an added product banner and an extra navigation bar from the page. They noticed an immediate increase in conversion rate. It seemed that the fewer options people had, the more inclined they were to buy products. Too many choices and opportunities to navigate away from the sales page were keeping people from buying.

Next, heat mapping was applied to the page to see where customers looked when they visited the page. The design team removed extraneous elements that seemed to distract people from making a buying decision. They also tested two call to action buttons, one that said BUY NOW and the other PURCHASE. Buy Now was the clear favorite, increasing conversion rates by an additional 10%.

With the information obtained from testing many elements and using several tools, the video company was able to roll out these changes sitewide, increasing their overall conversation rate by 37% and generating greater revenue from the same number of site visitors.

In all three examples the effective use of conversion rate optimization improved performance and contributed directly to the bottom line. Some agencies correlate conversion optimization with Google Analytics, but it’s much, much more than that. Conversion optimization leverages a large number of quantitative tools and methodologies to identify key performance issues and then systematically addresses the issues to improve performance and generate more revenue and profit from the same number of visitors or prospects. Conversion rate optimization, when done correctly, is money in the bank.

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