The client runs a successful Home Service company in the Midwest. Through a routine digital marketing review of their WordPress website and digital marketing initiatives, we discovered a breach of their website. Because the problem was discovered quickly, we could step in and fix it immediately.

The Problem: Skilled Hacker Makes Website a Nightmare

The biggest headache for our client was that a very skilled hacker was at work behind the scenes. After we discovered and began fixing the initial website breach, the hacker was back – with a vengeance. The hacker kept returning and adding malicious files, until we were finally able to fully lock down the site.


  • Outdated host level PHP on the server – HostGator
  • Different versions of PHP
  • Openly exploitable plugins in use, deprecated plugins, and vulnerabilities created by conflicting plugins.
  • Link pointing to a malicious website
  • Blog post with questionable link
  • Zero Day attack, a severe attack in which there is little chance that a patch has been developed for the problem.

The Solution: Cleanup, New Host, and Update of Foundational Codes

Dashboard Interactive’s team worked diligently to clean up the code that was changed by the hacker. We moved the client’s site to a new, more secure web host utilizing a dedicated server. We updated all of the foundational code for the website, updated the plugins, and replaced abandoned plugins.

The new site is secure and built upon a foundation that includes multiple levels of security.


According to Inc., 50% of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Yes, there are more small businesses than there are large corporations. However, hackers know that small businesses are easier targets than their large-business counterparts. Small businesses are less likely to have dedicated IT resources and the knowledge, skills, and experience to identify, protect, and defend against cyber attacks.

In this case, a small business owner found himself at the mercy not once of a sophisticated hacking attempt. The hacker came back for more thinking that the business owner was unaware or unable to fend off the attack.

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