About Dashboard Interactive

Dashboard Interactive develops and implements measurable interactive marketing strategies and mobile-first websites that generate leads and sales for small to medium sized businesses. Our mission is to help each of our clients generate significant revenue and a sizable return on investment from their online marketing expenditure. We are a Google Certified Partner and we provide comprehensive Google Webmaster and Local Search marketing services that compete and win.

Meet Our Team of Specialists

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced digital marketing specialists. Duane Coleman, President, chose each team member for his or her specific and individual skills, reliability and business acumen. The resulting combination of talent on the team achieves outstanding results for our clients. And the team that you start with will likely be your team for many years to come. With 0% turnover in the past seven years, re-training is a non-issue. Such low turnover is almost unheard of in our industry, but at Dashboard, it’s the norm.

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President and Strategy Development

Duane, Founder President, Strategy, Dashboard Interactive

Duane Coleman is the President of Dashboard Interactive. Duane works directly with our clients, providing strategic insight and direction on all projects. His background includes corporate marketing and corporate sales positions for Fortune 500 companies as well as companies in the technology and medical industries.

Duane’s favorite aspect of working in the field of interactive marketing is seeing the results achieved for his clients. “Our clients put their trust in us and it’s fun to watch our strategies generate results and to be acknowledged for helping them to achieve their objectives.”

Duane relaxes by reading. He loves to travel to northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and New Zealand. He also enjoys running and biking and is an avid Indiana University Basketball fan. Duane is Google Ads certified, with expertise in Google Search Ads, Google Mobile Ads, Google Shopping and Google Display advertising.

Content Writer

Jeanne, Copy Writer Content Specialist, Dashboard Interactive

Jeanne is a former marketing executive with over 20 years of copywriting, direct marketing, and interactive marketing experience. Jeanne began her career as a copywriter for a small in-house marketing agency followed by positions as a marketing manager for a retail store, a financial services company, and several major education organizations. She loves writing marketing copy but makes time for creative writing pursuits too.

Jeanne holds two Masters Degrees, an M.A. in Writing and an M.S. in Direct and Interactive Marketing. She is also a certified as a HubSpot Inbound Content Marketing expert.

When she’s not working, Jeanne relaxes by gardening, hiking, and spending time with her family and pets.

“Writing Interactive copy is both a challenge and a delight,” said Jeanne. “I enjoy the variety of clients and projects at Dashboard Interactive and look forward to making every client project successful.”

Social Media Strategy & Website Design

Robyn, Social Media Strategy Marketing, Dashboard Interactive

Robyn started designing and developing websites professionally in 2006, quickly recognizing the clear and increasing role that social media plays in the success of a website to achieve business marketing goals. Since that time, she has been developing and implementing social media best practices, strategies and training for business in this rapidly evolving industry.

Robyn’s background includes senior management positions in the home design industry as well as a successful long term entrepreneurial home-based business. When she’s not helping our clients embrace social media, Robyn loves to travel and spend time with her family.

“You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly.” – Colin Wright

Google Certified Webmaster (Technical SEO)

Jennifer, Certified Google Webmaster, Cybersecurity Specialist, Dashboard Interactive

Jennifer B. is Dashboard Interactive’s Google Certified Webmaster. In this role, Jennifer assesses, analyzes, and advises clients on their technical search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and identifies and remediates website cyber-security breaches for potential Dashboard digital marketing customers.

Jennifer holds a Masters Degree in Latin Based Linguistics, with a supporting minor in Humanistic Psychology and is fluent in five languages.  She is also a Certified Google Ads professional with expertise in Google Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Advertising, Google Shopping and has received her Google Developer Certification for Mobile Sites.

When asked what she likes best about her work, Jennifer was quick to say, “It offers almost instant gratification. If your SEO is done correctly, you’ll see results.”

Competitiveness is in her blood, whether she’s improving a client’s SEO or competing against her own personal best as a rock climber. In her spare time, Jennifer loves to be outdoors with her dogs, hiking, walking, or exploring local parks and trails.

SEO Link Building and Pay Per Click Strategy

Sam, SEO Link Building, Dashboard Interactive

Sam offers our clients expert link building strategies and pay per click marketing services. He’s always searching for ways to use ethical link building strategies to help our client’s search engine optimization programs. Sam is Google Ads Certified, and has been working in this field since 2003. He’s worked for big media companies such as Nickelodeon and PBS. Sam owns and operates over 200 websites in a variety of markets, and he has extensive experience in HTML and CSS coding.

Sam loves the flexibility of his work in Interactive. Each day holds new challenges and interesting projects. Today he may be working on a link building strategy for a client while tomorrow he’s mapping out an entire website.

Given his background as an entrepreneur, site owner and PPC and link building expert, Sam brings a great wealth of experience to all his projects at Dashboard Interactive.

Online Public Relations and Social Media

Hilary, Public Relations Social, Dashboard Interactive

Hilary has over 30 years of experience in public relations, social media and small business marketing. She’s created blogs that garner 50,000 unique visitors a month, launched awareness campaigns for companies and nonprofit organizations, and hosted shows on BlogTalk Radio, Google Hangouts and more exploring the world of wearable technology, small business issues and other topics of interest to business owners. Hilary is also an adjunct professor in the Master’s program at Hofstra University, where she teaches Communications Technology. She holds a B.S. Degree from Hunter College and an M.P.A. from Baruch College.

“I love helping business owners get exposure and attention,” said Hilary.

When she’s not working with clients on their media campaigns, Hilary can be found outdoors running, swimming, or cycling. She recently completed her first triathlon in Captiva, Florida. She also enjoys playing golf and spending time with her family.

Local Search Specialist

Kristen, Local Search Specialist, Dashboard Interactive

Kristen is a Local Search Marketing expert who helps our clients get found online locally. Kristen studied local search marketing with a leading industry expert who works with Google’s upper management team at Google Local, learning the intricacies of local search profile marketing with an eye towards helping businesses create robust Google My Business and other local-marketing friendly presences online. Kristen has been working in the area of search marketing for over nine years.

“I love to help identify potential ranking issues and local search violations through in-depth market research, and help clients solve complex ranking issues,” said Kristen.

When Kristen isn’t helping clients get found online through local search, she loves cooking and participating in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking and skiing.

Web Analytics

Leslie, Web Analytics, Dashboard Interactive

Leslie is our numbers person. She assesses and analyzes web analytics for the team and for our clients. She’s been in web analytics for over 8 years and has attained both Google Analytics and Urchin Software certifications. Prior to working in this field, Leslie worked in sales and operations.

Leslie says that her favorite aspect of her work is demonstrating to clients through the analysis of their data the progress they have made. Quoting Confucius: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

Leslie is currently training to walk her third half marathon and loves to sing in her spare time, especially classic rock and roll songs.

Analytics Marketing Specialist

Durwin, Analytics Marketing Specialist, Dashboard Interactive

Durwin is our web analytics analyst, using his number-crunching abilities to turn raw data into actionable insights for our clients. Durwin has over 20 years of experience working with data and website analytics in a variety of capacities.

“I was lucky enough to be immersed in an internet-rich environment very early on in my career,” Durwin said. “It helps me create great reports for clients, for example. Too many reports available to businesses are ineffective for decision-making.”

Durwin wasn’t always a number cruncher. He grew up on a dairy farm. Fascinating by production numbers and the genetics behind high-producing dairy cows, he helped establish predictability and profitability in the dairy industry.

When he needs time away from data, Durwin loves to travel. Seeing new vistas and meeting people from many world cultures refreshes and inspires him.

Graphic and Website Design

Jill, Graphic and Website Design, Dashboard Interactive

Jill is the website designer at Dashboard Interactive. She has over a decade of experience as a graphic designer, and over 7 years of experience in website design and content management.

She has a passion for color and design, and is always searching for new and better ways to design websites for our clients. Her experience, knowledge and talent ensure expert design work for Dashboard Interactive clients for all types of marketing work.

“I have always been passionate about design. Taking all the necessary pieces and putting them together in an eye-catching way is what I love to do. I love a good design challenge.”

eBook Graphic Designer

Lisa, Website Development, Dashboard Interactive

Lisa provides content marketing graphics for eBooks and other content marketing publications and is experienced in developing template WordPress websites. She loves solving problems for clients, whether it’s enhancing the readability of important website content or a tough technical challenge.

Prior to starting out on her own, Lisa worked for a major corporation in sales, marketing and promotions.

Lisa’s passion is singing, and she is a classically trained singer. Her nickname is “killeralto” – a reference to her rich alto voice. She also enjoys traveling throughout the world.

Administrative Support and Special Projects

Jennifer, Admin Support, Special Projects, Dashboard Interactive

Jennifer has over 15 years of executive administrative experience supporting C-level executives at publicly traded companies throughout the United States. She brings to the Dashboard Interactive team a strong skill set of managing tight deadlines and providing excellent customer service. Jennifer left her corporate career in 2007 to raise her children, but returned to the workforce when her children were school-age.

When asked what she likes most about her role, she replied, “I love taking on important projects, and I also enjoy working directly with Dashboard Interactive customers.”

Jennifer acquired a love for Mexican food, specifically fish tacos, while living in southern California. She loves visiting family and playing with her pets, a Yorkie named Lil’ Ping, and a Maltese named Lily Girl rescued from a puppy mill.

Motion Media Director / Producer

Craig, Video Producer, Director, Dashboard Interactive

Craig brings to the team an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism in videography. Craig’s works have been shown on CNN, PBS and other networks. His Continuing Professional Development includes intensive multi-day seminars with Director Martha Coolidge at the American Film Institute (AFI), and with Actor Lorrie Hull, AFI. He has a Masters Degree in Journalism, with emphasis in Adoption-Diffusion Research, Television and Human Behavior.

“Video does more than tell a story – it represents the brand. If SEO ‘gets them to the site,’ and the video is bland, the sale may be lost.”

When he’s not working hard at his craft, Craig enjoys time with his wife of 30 years and his three sons. He loves jazz and still plays the clarinet, a lifelong interest, and enjoys hiking and sampling the cuisine at many restaurants in the Twin Cities area.

Content Editor and Special Projects

Mary Fischer, Content Editor, Special Projects, Dashboard Interactive

Mary’s detail-oriented language skills make her the ideal editor for all of Dashboard’s publications.

She has over 20 years’ experience proofreading and editing everything from graphic design projects to resumes and from internet posts to financial documents. Her projects have included reviewing, editing, and proofreading both printed marketing materials and content for company corporate websites. Mary has superior analytical skills and an excellent understanding of the difference in writing for the web vs. writing for print. She has an unrelenting drive to maintain and promote Dashboard Interactive’s client’s professional image.

Living in five states over the years encouraged Mary’s interest in travel and adventure. She has visited 10 foreign countries including 4 former Iron Curtain countries and the Galapagos Islands. When she’s not working or travelling, you can find her in her herb garden or hatching some new plan to add creative touches to life.