If you own an Amazon Seller Central store, or you’re considering opening one, speak with Dashboard Interactive Marketing first. We understand Amazon and how to ensure your listings are found and visible to your target audience.

And, more importantly, when your listings are found, people will buy your products and services. The opportunities for increased revenue from your Amazon marketing have never been better!

Make More Money on the World’s Largest Shopping Search Engine

With more people than ever before turning to internet shopping for everything including groceries, hardware, hobby supplies, entertainment, and clothing, it pays to be an Amazon Seller.

Each month, 197 million people visit Amazon. Imagine getting your company’s products in front of 197 million people. What would you pay to grab a share of that market? By maximizing your Seller Central account, you can sell more and increase your revenues.

With the right guidance, you can maximize your Amazon Seller Central account so that your products are:

  • Visible at the right time and to your target market
  • Attractive, with eye-catching images and descriptions
  • Found and recommended by the Amazon algorithm
  • Profitable and achieve their sales potential

Amazon: The Ultimate Shopping Search Engine

Amazon acts as a gigantic search engine. And we know search engine marketing! Our Amazon Seller Central expert analyzes your Seller Store and offers suggestions to improve its visibility and appeal. Then, our team of digital marketing experts develops a robust plan to optimize and maximize your Seller Central account. The results: more product sales, better visibility, and improved customer ratings.

Dashboard Interactive Marketing’s Amazon Marketing Services

Our Amazon marketing services include:

  • Seller Store audits and analysis with a follow-up action plan
  • Amazon pay-per-click advertising plans, setup, and campaign management
  • Keyword research
  • Strategic competitive analysis
  • Experts on Amazon shipping and inventory policies and strategies

Make the most of your Amazon Seller Central Account by working with an expert Dashboard Interactive Marketing Consultant. With Amazon’s revenues recently topping $89 billion in one quarter alone, it would be nice to have some of that revenue – wouldn’t you agree? Sell more, increase revenues, and boost your business on Amazon.

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