Creating effective, evergreen content

No, not that kind of evergreen…although we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We’re talking about the importance of evergreen content: material that never grows old.

In botany, an evergreen is a plant whose foliage remains green and productive year-round. Evergreen content borrows this description to refer to online content that remains useful and does not grow stale or outdated.

Many companies focus on special events, unique products, or holidays to create and distribute content. Even though such a timely focus may be appropriate for your industry, it is not always the best digital marketing strategy.

A strategy based around evergreen content provides useful text-based pages that search engines can find, rank, and continually show to potential customers year-round.

3 Reasons Why Evergreen Content Is Essential

Whether you have a website, a blog, or both, ensuring that the content is evergreen is important. Here are our three top reasons why having evergreen content on your digital properties is essential for good organic SEO.

  1. Potential for more web traffic
  2. Evergreen content offers better potential to generate long-term, steady website traffic than dated or timely topics. Typically, this type of content is longer and contains more in-depth information than the typical blog post or web page. As such, Google may rank it higher than shorter pages.

    Additionally, because the content is online for a longer period of time, it is likely that more people will see and click on it. This, in turn, signals Google that it is a worthwhile page, and they may rank it more favorably than newer, shorter, or dated pages.

    Remember, the first link that appears in organic search engine results can gain as much as 80 percent or more of all clicks. Adding evergreen content to your blog or website helps increase your chances for first position in the SERPs. Investing time or resources into an evergreen post pays off in long-term traffic.

  3. Build brand awareness
  4. Evergreen content tends to go more in-depth into topics than any other type of content. Lists, topic overviews, in-depth discussions of important concepts related to your industry all tend to be shared more over time than short, dated posts. They also tend to gain links back into your website over time, which also boosts brand authority. Having several thoughtful, well-researched and written evergreen content pieces on your site can create an excellent branded platform that demonstrates your leadership in your industry.

  5. Less effort
  6. Creating content takes time–time to develop ideas, research keywords, write the first draft, edit, revise, add backlinks, create images, set up the item in the content management system — you get the idea. One well-written content piece can take hours to craft, refine, and publish, not to mention the time and effort added to share it across various social media platforms.

    Imagine if that one piece could achieve the work of two, three, or four pieces. One high-quality longform evergreen content piece may achieve the traffic goals of two, three or more quick, dated pieces. Investing more effort upfront into high quality content results in less effort over the long term to manage a blog or website.

Save Time and Effort with Dashboard Interactive Marketing’s Content and Social Media Marketing Services

Where should you begin when considering evergreen content? A website or blog audit is the first step. During an audit, the professionals at Dashboard Interactive Marketing will review your website’s performance, analyze the data behind the posts, and help you determine which pieces may lend themselves to an update as evergreen pieces.

From there, we can create a strategy with measurable milestones to create and promote your branded evergreen content. Our content marketing expert and social media strategist can help you build your online presence, establish and promote your brand, and gain website traffic.

For a consultation, call Dashboard Interactive Marketing at 763-242-2454.