Websites often display symbols or badges that immediately impart trust, quality, and reliability. A Better Business Bureau symbol, for example, tells customers that you’re willing to have your company’s performance scrutinized and put its reputation on the line for all to see.

A new symbol has emerged as an important trust indicator in the digital age. It’s called the Google Guarantee, and in today’s digital age, it’s an important emblem of quality.

Google guarantee representation example in search

Here’s how to participate in the Google Guarantee, what it means to your company, and what it means to your customers.

What Is a Google Guarantee?

Companies interested in participating in the Google Guarantee program must first be registered with Google local search, then go through a rigorous screening process. The screening process includes a background check, license check and confirmation (if applicable), and an insurance check. Lastly, Google combs through reviews and ratings to ensure the company provides excellent service.

Once Google confirms that your business meets or exceeds their quality standards, they’ll add your business as a Google Guaranteed business to the search engine results. Google Guaranteed businesses appear at the top of search engine listings, so they are the first thing someone sees when they type a query into Google.

For example, a local HVAC contractor who receives the Google Guarantee may appear at the top of the organic search engine results above other companies in their area. The addition of the Google Guarantee means that customers see the guaranteed company’s listing first, resulting in more clicks, calls, and potentially, business.

People looking for local services such as plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians, painters, gardeners, locksmiths, plumbers and others often search Google when they have a pressing need of such services. They are likely to click on the first listing they see and if you are a participating and approved Google Guarantee business, your business tops the list, making it much more likely to be clicked. The more clicks you receive, the more leads; and the more leads, the more potential business.

Dramatic Results

Google ran a beta test of the program in San Francisco, San Diego, Stockton and Sacramento, California, in February 2020. Businesses participating in the program saw dramatic increases in calls and revenue.

Businesses who participated in the February test received 1800% more leads from Google Guarantee ads than from other types of advertising. Such results could result in higher profits for your company, too, if you participate.

Customers Receive Benefits, Too

It’s not just businesses who benefit. Customers also receive the added assurance that the company they are entrusting with their business has been screened by a third-party.

Google also puts its money behind the guarantee. Work booked with a Google Guaranteed business is backed by a $2,000 warranty. If the customer claims (and can prove) that the job was not done correctly, Google will reimburse the customer up to $2,000.

Getting Started – Call Dashboard Interactive Marketing

As we mentioned earlier, the Google Guarantee program is part of Google’s Local Search Advertising. Dashboard Interactive can create an effective Local Search campaign that includes Google Advertising and other digital marketing methods for maximum return on investment for your business.

Please call Dashboard today to speak with a digital marketing expert. Adding the Google Guarantee listing to your Local Search program can translate into plentiful leads and higher sales.

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