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Boost online sales. Create a flowing pipeline of leads. Spice up your content marketing, dazzle customers with a glorious new website, tighten cybersecurity, pump up the sales volume. Can it be done? Yes, it can – with Dashboard Interactive.

We are a digital marketing agency and search engine marketing firm with decades of experience as marketing professionals, business owners, corporate managers. We have a proven record of increasing sales, website traffic, and brand awareness for our clients.

Get to know us. Call us. We’re here to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. From plan to project, start to finish, we provide measurable, goal-focused websites, e-commerce support, and internet marketing programs that get results.

Earn Five Stars from Satisfied Customers

From One Star to Five Stars

Dashboard Interactive has a Home Services client who provides excellent customer service. These individuals are skilled at what they do and are recognized as experts in their field. They are honest, hardworking people who do business with integrity. Until recently, all of their Google reviews were 5-stars. Then, the unthinkable happened: one dissatisfied customer gave them a 1-star rating.
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Which Social Media Sites Should I Use For My Business?

We tweet, we like, we share and pin…but which social media websites should you use for your business? The answer, like most things in life, is really, “It depends.” Each social media website offers various pros and cons. Depending on your business’ needs and your target audience, some sites may be…
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