We offer malware removal by a team of trusted experts who understand the urgency business owners feel when their companies are subjected to a cyber attack.

What is malware? It’s when malicious code is injected into your website. Malware takes the form of ransomware, Trojan horse viruses, spyware, adware, root kits and other issues that can cripple or shut down computers and websites. The cost to businesses is enormous in both lost time and productivity, and more importantly, in lost customer trust.

Nearly 60% of all small companies have been the victims of cyberattacks – and the number keeps growing. You might not even know your site is infected until an email arrives asking you or your customers to change passwords – or an annoying pop up ad shows up that you know you didn’t place on your site. And then the race is on to fix it.

Do you have malware on your site now? Hosting companies aren’t equipped to deal with or protect your business against most malware. Large companies spend billions to protect against cybercrime, but small to mid-sized businesses are often at risk. They don’t have the resources to hire a full time IT person to protect against threats. Instead, they rely on luck and the hope that criminals won’t target their business.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true – small businesses are easy pickings for many cyber criminals. A CNBC survey revealed that only 2% of small business owners view cyber attacks, including malware, as a threat to their business.

It’s time to have a trusted malware removal service ready to help you fix problems and get your business running again.

Malware Removal Services

On average, just one ransomware attack can cost a company $100,000 and 15 lost days of productivity to fix it.

Can you risk that?

Take control of malware removal before it controls you. The Dashboard team has extensive experience providing website malware removal service. We’ve worked with companies in many industries to clean infected websites and protect valuable digital resources. We’re thorough, experienced, and trustworthy with one of your most important assets – your company website.

Why trust our website malware removal services?

  • Experienced – we have successfully remediated hacks in the court system, Federal government entities, healthcare sector, and small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Skilled – we employ a number of proprietary and non-proprietary techniques and software combinations. This includes a combination of automated and manual (human-based) line by line code filtering.
  • Knowledgeable – Our team is proficient at identification, detection, recovery, and response to threats. We can often identify threats that popular security software platforms fail to find.
  • Comprehensive – Dashboard offers complete website security. Our focus is your website and anything that prevents it from performing well on Google. Google often penalizes websites for security breaches, thus impacting rankings, sales leads and revenue. In some cases, they can be banned your website altogether. We address all Google related items so that your website can achieve its online potential.

If you think your site is infected, please don’t delay another moment. Your business could be on the line.

Contact us for malware removal. Call 763-242-2454 for help.