Remarketing Services

Have you ever seen an ad that seems perfect for what you were just looking at online? Maybe you were looking for a pair of shoes and then you start to see shoe ads for the type of shoes that you were interested in purchasing. It’s probably not a coincidence. That’s remarking in action and we offer a variety of remarketing services on networks such as Google, Facebook and others.

With remarketing, specific pages on your website are tagged with a special code so that advertisements for your products and services follow your customers around the internet. Even after they’ve left your website. This keeps both your brand and your products top of mind as they surf the web and peruse their favorite social media websites.

We’ve been running successful Google remarketing campaigns for many years and our remarketing services include:

  • Strategy development to maximize your remarketing investment and integrate it with other online marketing programs
  • Ad copy creation for professionally written ads that encourage clicks and sales
  • Ad design for maximum exposure and responses
  • Remarketing campaign set-up to make it easy to implement a remarketing campaign
  • Monitoring, reporting, tweaking, and consulting to improve responses over time and maximize your advertising ROI
    • Remarking works and it can be very cost effective. We’d love to show you how well it can work for you. Contact us today at 800-807-1852 and let see if remarketing is right for your business.