Dashboard Interactive offers Google penalty recovery services that fix the issues that Google has identified. We ethically and thoroughly remove existing penalties so that your website regains the trust of Google and potential site visitors. We can also advise you on how to avoid them in the future and show you better, more effective ways of search engine marketing so you get results without problems.

Signs that You May Need Google Penalty Removal Services

Do you know the signs that your website may need our penalty removal service?

  • Have you seen your rankings drop suddenly?
  • Have you tried searching for your company or brand online – and come up with nothing?
  • Are customers complaining they can’t find your site on searches anymore?
  • Have you received an email from Google regarding a site violation?
  • Have you audited the performance of your site in the last 3 years?
  • Have you seen a quick spike in website visits and then traffic patterns return to normal?

A penalty can occur due to a mistake that was made a long time ago, or it could be due to an inappropriate action taken by a developer or hosting provider who has outdated skills and expertise.

It could be the result of a hack or other intrusion that was only recently found on your site.

And, if your small business is like most, you don’t have someone on staff dedicated solely to working on your website. You may be updating it yourself, or relying on a friend to do it for you.

Mistakes are easy to make, but they can leave a lasting effect on your business. No matter how it happened, such problems can completely derail your digital marketing efforts.

Our recovery services have helped many companies solve website issues that have hurt their search engine results. With our Google Certified Webmaster and other experts, your website is in good hands, and your problem is solved, fast.

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