Call Tracking Services to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

We’ve got an effective way to help you identify the source of your website leads. It’s called Call Tracking, and it helps you close the loop so that you can determine which online marketing vehicle generate potential qualified sales leads and customers.

Many companies are able to track website forms, but we’ve found that most leads come via the telephone and if you’re only tracking forms, you may be making marketing decisions while only having partial information.

Call Tracking Across Multiple Platforms

Call tracking gives us the ability to track all website related call activity, including where your website calls originate. This includes SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. and in many cases, we can determine which keywords drive calls to the business.

We can also track the duration of the calls and ever record calls from those interested in your products or services. No matter how the call originated, we can track it to determine what’s working and which online marketing initiatives are most effective and we can tie this into Google Analytics as well.

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